How to Identify a Failing Vehicle Brake System

The brakes in your vehicle will give you plenty of signs they need maintenance or repair. Are you aware of these warning signs? If you are not getting your vehicle to the brake service center every 12,000 miles for an inspection, look out for the following:
  • Listen to your brakes as you drive, squeaking and grinding could be signs the pads are worn down.
  • Feel how the vehicle reacts when you hit the brakes. If it pulls or bounces it might be a sign or a more serious issue.
  • Look under the vehicle to see if any brake fluid may be leaking from hoses or calipers.
  • The brake indicator light on the dashboard is telling you something is wrong, and a professional should at the least have a closer look.
At the first sign of any of these warning signs, visit Bakersfield Chrysler Jeep FIAT and allow the experts to inspect and repair any trouble.
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